vrijdag, januari 27, 2006


I put a link to babelfish in the sidecolon so you can read this blog in English if you want.

Just copy and paste the url of the blog " http://archiblogbe.blogspot.com/ " in the correct window, and be sure to pick the right language "Dutch to english", then hit the button translate.

I want to warn you, the translation can be somewhat hilarious by the least, but I'm pretty sure you will be able to tell what this site is about. Or else have a good laugh anyway.

Those translation machines are not up to par just yet.

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Anoniem zei

My god!
my neat brother who harry my sister was architect (put door in bakestone, roof on it for rain and much more of that).
currently, demolish he residence? no build moreany? brain gone now with me.
wat ik wou zeggen: jezus christus, mijn schoonbroer die met mijn zus trouwde was toch wel architect (je weet wel, stevige huizen bouwen die tegen weer en wind bestand zijn). En nu is hij ineens met de sloophamer bezig? nu kan ik niet meer volgen hoor.